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  • 1. Scope of the Journal
    Journal of the Korean Data and Information Science Society (hereafter 'JKDISS') is a journal for the publication of scholarship examining theoretical or practice-oriented issues relating to statistics. JKDISS seeks to publish scholarship in a research paper which examines theory or methodologies, or scholarship in an application paper which examines statistical applications. The submitted paper should be original research results on overall statistics based on data information and scientific analysis that has not been published in national and international publications.
  • 2. Types of Manuscripts
    Research papers and application papers are widely published. Research papers are about academic theoretical studies and creative application studies, and the application papers are about practical application studies and practical case studies.
  • 3. Eligibility of Author
    All authors who want to submit papers should be registered as a member of the Data & Information Science Society (hereinafter "KDISS"). In principle, authors should submit KCI similarity check results and copyright, and pay the annual fee, when submitting the papers
  • 4. Submission of Paper
    The paper shall be submitted via the online submission system ( of JKDISS. Any inquires related to submission should be made to the chief editor at
  • 5. Acceptance of Manuscript
    Papers will be accepted at any time and the manuscripts shall be submitted through the online submission system of JKDISS and the date of submission will be used as the date that the manuscript is received.
  • 6. Publication
    JKDISS shall publish journals six times in a year (January 31, March 31, May 31, July 31, September 30, November 30).
  • 7. Publication Fee
    • 1) Where to pay the annual membership fee and publication processing fee: Account holder: The Korean Data & Information Science Society, Account number: 652-01-025920, Name of Bank: Shinhan Bank.
    • 2) All authors are assessed the following publication fees:
      • a) Research articles supported by grants: a default fee of 220,000 (won) is charged up to the first 10 pages and an additional fee of 10,000(won) is charged to each of additional surplus page.
      • b) Research articles not supported by grants: a default fee of 140,000 (won) is charged up to the first 10 pages and an additional fee of 10,000 (won) is charged to each of additional surplus page.
    • 3) TeX format converting fee of KRW 7,000 will be charged per page.
    • 4) The annual fee: KRW 50,000 (for full member); KRW 30,000 (for student member).
  • 8. Research Ethics
    • 1) For clinical studies, authors should receive the approval from the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and the approval number from IRB should be written on the paper.
    • 2) For animal experiments, authors should comply with the institutional or national guidelines, and also receive the approval from the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and the approval number from the committee should be written on the paper.
    • 3) After checking the similarity of the paper from KCI (, the similarity check results shall be attached to the paper which must be less than 15% when submitting.
    • 4) All the research and education activities shall be in compliance with the Ethics Principles of KDISS. Any issue not covered in this document shall be managed in compliance with the international regulations for editors and authors (
  • 9. Peer Review Process
    • 1) Once a paper is submitted, the editor shall notify authors of a reception of the paper and assign four reviewers to the paper.
    • 2) Reviewers shall evaluate a manuscript in compliance with the regulations specified in the Management Principles of Editorial Guidelines of KDISS.
    • 3) The selection of a paper shall be determined by the Editorial Board after going through the prescribed review process and the partial revision or supplementation of the manuscript may be required.
  • 10. Writing Manuscripts
    • 1) Manuscript should be prepared with TeX or HWP 2010 (or 2014) and it is recommended to use the style file provided by the website of KDISS or follow the Korean manuscript writing method.
    • 2) Manuscripts should be in the order of title, author name (affiliation, address, position, and e-mail address), abstract, keywords, main text, acknowledgment, appendix and references.
    • 3) The paper shall be written in Korean or English, and if it is written in Korean, the title page in English should be added. Korean and English title page shall be composed of the title, author name (affiliation, address and position), abstract and keywords. However, the author who is regarded as the corresponding author should also include his or her e-mail address.
    • 4) In the event that there are more than two authors, the lead author shall be the first author and if the lead author is not the corresponding author, the corresponding author shall be specified.
    • 5) Abstract shall be no more than 500 letters in Korean and 150 words in English.
    • 6) Keywords shall be between three and six words and be listed alphabetically.
    • 7) Titles, tables and figures should be written in English. The figure file should be in clear quality of eps or pdf format that can be published directly. However, other formats such as jpeg could be used.
    • 8) All the references should be written in English. The name of each journal should not be in abbreviation and some examples of references are as follows:
      Eubank, R. L. and Spiegelman, C. H. (1990). Testing the goodness of 6t of a linear model via nonparametric regression techniques. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 85, 387-392.
      Lehmann, E. L. (1986). Testing statistical hypothesis, 2nd Ed., John Wiley & Sons, New York.
  • 11. Submission of References
    If any cited references are not published or not easily accessible, they should be submitted with the manuscript.
  • 12. Copyright
    • 1) The authors of accepted papers shall submit to KDISS a finalized manuscript, a 'Agreement in Compliance with Ethics Principles', a 'Plagiarism-free Approval', and a 'Cyber Research Ethics Learning Certificate'.
    • 2) All copyrights related to the selected paper shall belong to KDISS and the authors shall maintain the following rights:
      • a) Authors can use part of a paper in other papers.
      • b) The author or the author's affiliated organization may reprint the paper for noncommercial purposes, for private purpose of the author or for internal use of the author's affiliated organization.
      • c) The author or the author's affiliated organization may distribute a limited number of copies of any or all of the papers specified as to be published by KDISS before it is published by the Society.
      • d) If the papers are the results of research supported by the Korean Government or other institutions, the copyright shall be deemed to be transferred to KDISS by the government or other institutions free of charge.
  • 13. Open Access
    Publications in KDISS are open access and free copies are issued to members of KDISS.
  • Additional Provisions
    • 1. This Guidelines for Manuscript Submission shall be effective as of September 1, 1995.
    • 2. This Guidelines for Manuscript Submission can be revised by the Editorial Sub-board.

June 9, 2001 First Revision
February 11, 2003 Second Revision
April 9, 2015 Third Revision
April 20, 2017 Fourth Revision.

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