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Estimation of athletic performance factor in the KBL home team advantage
Journal of the Korean Data & Information Science Society 2019;30:1135-45
Published online September 30, 2019;
© 2019 Korean Data and Information Science Society.

Jangtaek Lee1

1Department of Applied Statistics, Dankook University
Correspondence to: Professor, Department of Applied Statistics, Dankook University, Gyeonggi-do 448-701, Korea. E-mail:
Received July 29, 2019; Revised August 22, 2019; Accepted August 27, 2019.
This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License ( which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.
It is well known to fans that there exists a significant home court advantage for Korean basketball games. Despite the importance of this phenomenon, few studies explain the benefits of the home court. In this study, we used the result of the last four seasons of Korean Basketball League teams to see what kind of advantage of home game is. As a result, in terms of winning percentage, 95% of the teams’ home winning percentages were 9% higher than the overall winning percentages, and most of the records were good at home team. We also proposed a regression model that explains the points difference between home team and away team with three point attempt, assists, blocks, fouls, errors, total rebounds, attack rebounds and defensive rebounds. The proposed model can calculate advantages of home team in various situations. Finally it achieved a classification accuracy of 87% for win and lose in KBL.
Keywords : Home court advantage, Korean basketball league, point difference, regression.